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Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor Reviews

Health is the wealth of our life. If you eat daily green fruits and vegetables, you have low risks of certain chronic illnesses, including obesity, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and stroke.

You are feeling healthy persons when you start green vegetable juice. While a looking juice makes through the juicer, the Hamilton Beach Juicer brand is coming in front of us.

What Type of Juicer Is Best Suited for You?

Juicers have not the same core mechanism to extract the juice and separate it from pulpy fibers. Evaluate the following juicer types and decide which is provides the most functional benefits to meet juice production needs of you,

Centrifugal Juicers

The core of centrifugal juicers complete their primary function is combining the actions of the rotating disc blade with a specialized strainer system. The inserted fruit or vegetable are forced through the disc blade and strainer. 

It turned, causes a maximal volume of juice to pass through the strainer and into the juice tank. The fiber is left behind and collected in a different chamber.

Because there have several moving components, centrifugal juicers are considered as the noisier options on the market. 

Few centrifugal juicers struggle to juice greens leaves such as kale and spinach properly. Even so, centrifugal juicers produce the low nutrient product in a fraction of the time.

Masticating Juicers

Everyone is familiar with the mechanics of a “chewing” motion and, the same in the method, a masticating juicer‘s primary method of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. 

The vegetables and fruits insert into these appliances, an internal set of “teeth” grind and pummel the material with low speeds until a decent volume of juice has been procured. This method is relatively efficient, especially in contemporary masticating juicers.

However, due to the mastication process speed, slow juicers are not for everyone. They are recommended only for those with the patience to obtain their desired juice product progressively. They like high nutrients contain juice. And love their health with the high price juicer.

You’ll need to invest a little extra to obtain the desired degree of quality. You invest more time to prepare healthy juice.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Juicers

Juicers have two categories as “vertical” or “horizontal” to describe the direction in which their primary operation occurs (that is, up-and-down or side-to-side, respectively). 

These juicer differences aren’t significant when it comes to overall performance. Mainly, horizontal juicers operate a little bit slower (due to the lack of gravity ) and, better at extracting juice from leafy greens.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor

Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth 3” Feed Chute, 800W, Centrifugal Juicer Machine

hamilton beach juice extractor reviews
Hamilton Beach 67601A

Hamilton Beach Juicer 67601 produces more juice contained in the tan, not comparable to store-juice. This model does not list its specific yield its overall size and power indicate that it could produce 2 quarts of juice in a single batch. Those reasonably impressive give with minimization of pulp in the juice. It has a large pulp bin means you do not have to empty the pulp between juicing.

The disk blade and strainer made of stainless steel, easily grinding hard vegetables like carrots, beets. While the juice makes of hard vegetables, it produces noise.

The power of the motor is 800 Watts is decent for this price. It consistently powers through most standard types of products without short-circuiting.

Hamilton beach big mouth juicers, this model’s 3-inch chute makes it easy to insert whole fruits and vegetables without needing to pre-cut them, can save a lot of time as well as reduce the risk of losing juice during the pre-cutting process. It is also easy to assemble before juice makes and after the cleans. All the parts of these juicers are BPA free and dishwasher safe.


  • The large 3-inch feed chute.
  • All parts are removable and dishwasher safe with BPA free.
  • The price is attractive.
  • The power of the motor is 800 watts.


  • It has leakage problem.
  • The high-powered motor create sound when juicing harder vegetables.

Hamilton Beach Big mouth juice extractor 67601A model is the entry-level juicer, which makes juice within a few seconds with the high power motor. You appreciate the juice everyday use.

Hamilton Beach 67608A Juicer Centrifugal Juicer Machine, Big Mouth Large 3” Feedchute, Review

hamilton beach juice extractor reviews
Hamilton Beach 67608A

Hamilton Beach 67608A is a model output that is rich in flavor and free of undesirable pulp. Many consumers even choose to give their juice an extra boost of nutrients with a powdered add-in. It can output around 20 oz of juice in a single batch, can vary though depending on the density and volume chosen ingredients.

With a 1.1 HP, this model’s extraction system certainly won’t come up short when a hard vegetable of produce inserts. This power rating is comparable to some blenders. That certainly speaks to this model’s ability to produce a meaningful yield without compromising on the speed with other brands.

With a 3-inch chute, you can put pre-cutting fruits and vegetables in the strainer. Its chute features minimal obstacles as well, making it easy to slide a piece of produce into the primary extractor. Honestly, It is made with a stainless steel blade that does produce a bit of extra sound when you insert hard vegetables produce into it. But in most cases, you feel this model runs with as much noise as others in the same class.

This model has parts dishwasher safe and easy to assemble before juice makes and removes all parts after the juice. It is a consumer-friendly juicer.

Additional features in this model is this model’s 20-oz juice container doubles as a serving pitcher.


  • It contains an extra-large pulp bin.
  • Its parts are removable and dishwasher safe with BPA free.
  • The power of the motor is high 1.1 HP, can make fresh and healthy juice in seconds.


  • Its body is fragile.
  • It makes a lot of noise.
  • It contains some filter clogging with more fibrous produce.

Hamilton beach big mouth juice extractor is the Best For Award-winning efficiency when it comes to from-scratch juice production, and interestingly enough, it was the 2012 “Most Efficient” award winner in a particular series. This is the best centrifugal juicer.

Hamilton Beach 67850 Big Mouth 2-Speed Juice Extractor Review

hamilton beach juice extractor reviews
Hamilton Beach 67850

Hamilton Beach big mouth pro juice extractor reviews 67850 model popular. If You pour out a glass of juice from this juicer, you’ll taste the difference. That’s because this model’s container/pitcher includes a productive froth separator for your convenience. Also, you can expect this model to output 40 oz routinely when operating at peak performance. That’s enough juice for the first serving if you require an extra boost of nutrients during a busy day.

 This model has powered 1.1 HP, is respectable in its own right it mostly stands out for its 2-speed settings. When you are appropriately used, settings will allow you to get every, last bit of performance out of this reliable motor. This model requires a stainless steel locking arm to be adequately secure when you operate for making juice.

The speed of this model is increasingly easy. And it has LED indicator of low /high power.

While this juicer is using, your cleaning time will be cut in half thanks to its implementation of the innovative “Easy Sweep” cleaning tool. This is also a BPA free parts.


  • It can fit whole fruits and vegetables.
  • 40oz BPA free juice containers.
  • It is high powered 850 watts motor.
  • Two speeds of motor control low to high.
  • Easy sweep cleaning tool.


  • It can require extra effort for the hard vegetables.
  • It required a lot of space in kitchen cabinets.

Hamilton Beach juice extractor reviews a list of names coming good juicers in this class. It is a preferable juicer. It is an effective and efficient cleaning between uses of juice. This is hassle-free for the clean. It is the easiest clean juicer.

Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Large 3″ Feed Chute, Centrifugal, Powerful 1.1 HP Motor

hamilton beach juice extractor reviews
Hamilton Beach 67650A

Hamilton beach big mouth 67650 is product is top-quality. At a taste test, not a single bit of pulp or other relics can be detected even seconds after this model outputs its juicy product. This model can output 20-oz of juice into their specialized serving pitcher.

Hamilton beach big mouth 67650 can take on carrots and apples without taking the time. But due to its unique optimizations features, it can also extract a full volume of juice from both broccoli, beets, and tomatoes effortlessly.

The power of the motor is 1.1 HP. You need to grind through some mainly produce with easily, the power of the motor is most impressive. After some time Hamilton Beach juicer consumers are agreed that this model is substantially quieter than previous iterations.

Cleaning after a juicing time takes only minutes with it. Pop, all of the food area components apart and place into the dishwasher. This model has a commercial-grade ON/OFF toggle switch that deserves mention. It is easy to manipulate, and it is featured making it a real standout.


  • The power of the motor is 1.1 HP.
  • Its safety in operation due to metal locking clips on a cap.
  • It can fit whole vegetables and fruits easily at time juice.
  • It is efficient for hard vegetables.


  • Not for the leafy greens juice.
  • It is challenging for the clean.
  • It is not easy to operate for soft fruits and vegetables.

Hamilton Beach juice extractor reviews listed name is Hamilton beach big mouth 67650. This model best for the daily use of makes juice. The power of the motor is quite high and noisy.

Hamilton Beach HCJ967 Commercial Citrus Juicer Review

hamilton beach juice extractor reviews
Hamilton Beach HCJ967 Commercial Citrus Juicer

Hamilton Beach juice extractor reviews -The Hamilton Beach HCJ967 works by exerting uniform pressure to extract the juice. Its stable rack and pinion gearing allows you to use it effortlessly. Easy lever arm control produces maximum juicing.

The juice extractor cup has a pivot to swing for an easy, mess-free removal. It is an enamel finish that is acid-resistant for easy cleaning. The funnel and strainer cones are also removable.

Its enamel finishes as well as metal components resist wear and tear from contact with acids, which makes the juice machine perfect if you like juicing fruits only rich in citrus acid.

The multifunctional removable bowl can easily handle 4-ounce juice measuring the juice of citrus. The cup also collects the juice is dripped to keep the tanker clean. However, it swings out of position when you are using the juice cup.

The Hamilton Beach citrus juicer’s arm puts up to 2000 pounds of force, which ensures maximum juice produce with minimum pulp residue and skin oil. Be assured that you will not waste any fluid in the remaining pulp.


  • It has Stainless steel funnel and strainer cone.
  • The body is acid-resistant.
  • The base has stable.
  • The extra-large clearance cup.


  • It not for the home. Space more required.

Hamilton Beach commercial citrus juicer has a strong body made with stainless steel. This is good for the citrus juice.

Hamilton Beach 67951 Masticating Juicer Machine

hamilton beach juice extractor reviews
Hamilton Beach 67951 Masticating Juicer

Hamilton beach big mouth pro juice extractor reviews top masticating juicer 67951 is populated. If you are planning to add more vegetables and fruits to your diet list, Hamilton Beach 67951 Slow Juicerwhich can help stay strong. The cold press juicer prepares healthy, tasty juices using added ingredients. Leafy greens such as spinach and kale are often the common ingredients in green juices.

Hamilton Beach 67951 is quite a low-speed motor is excellent for extracting all the nutrients from fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass, and leafy greens.

It is easy to set the juicer fast. After joining, plug it in, set up the juice and pulp cups then switch it on then start adding ingredients to the chute. The masticating action crushes/squeezes ingredients to extract the maximum juice amount.

It also comes with dishwasher-safe parts so cleaning up is easier since the strainer ring clean with running water. Once you have done that, put the juice cup below the spout and the pulp container next to the cup.


  • It easy to cleans, BPA free, dishwasher safe parts, and a cleaning brush included in the box.
  • The power of a slow juicer is 150 watts.
  • It is perfect for making the greens leaf juice.


  • It produces high pulp content juice.
  • It only soft fruits.

Hamilton Beach juice extractor reviews are listed name is hamilton beach juice press ensure you are extracting the maximum amount of juice, always push the ingredients pusher down slowly. You have to soak a cup of almonds, soybeans, or rice in four cups of water for 24-48 hours in a refrigerator.

FAQ’S Of Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor

  1. Is Hamilton Beach Juicer good?

    Ans:- Hamilton beach juice extractor reviews are present the brand value, every 10 house out of 6 has Hamilton juicers. This is a good brand for the juice.
    The juicers are good quality and standard with safety caps with the juicers.

  2. Is Hamilton Beach produce juice better to juicer or blender?

    Ans:- Hamilton beach big mouth juicers are time-saving for the pulp out of the vegetables and fruits. This is the best advantage of juice making, you make scheduled juice with the Hamilton Beach juicer.

    Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor Reviews are all the juicers’ name and features detail analysis above the list.

    The blenders are more complicated and time taking and very hard to use of juicer of high pulp vegetables and fruits.

  3. What is the best juicer for juicing celery?

    Ans:- You are looking for celery juice, I suggest you purchase Hamilton slow masticating juicer, which is the best for full nutrients contain juice for green leaves. This good for your health. You want celery juice, which has much contain vitamins, enzymes that not break, and loosely nutrients, which is not possible in Hamilton’s masticating juicer.

  4. Who should purchase a Hamilton Beach Juicer? 

    Ans:- When you decide on a Hamilton Beach Juicer purchase, you are a housemaster,  can benefit from the introduction of Hamilton Beach juicer into their kitchen. For example, the housemaster (like myself) who has recently started a new fitness schedule can benefit from ready to a juice nutrient-rich form of refreshment.
     Juice from a Hamilton Beach juicer can help as a supplement your recovery after a workout every day (especially if you make juice in advance and preserve it.).
    Along the same lines, a Hamilton Beach juicer is an excellent method of producing a high nutrients juice product for the members of the family. Parents will appreciate the power of control they maintain when choosing fruits and vegetables to go into their children’s juice. 
    In finally to give these children a nutrient-rich boost drinks, they’ll also low their sugar intake from juice-shop.
    If you don’t feel comfortable in the above categories, you should purchase a Hamilton Beach juicer. Its compact kitchen appliances make, they are easy to reap the full benefits. You need no more fruits and vegetables to keep in the fridge.


With all-new knowledge about the juice extractors packed in your head, you may be thinking which of these industry-leading models is right only for you. At the end of our reviews, the final decision takes to your personals preferences when it comes to core performance at a price.  The main factor to focus on you.

You can not easily choose any Hamiton Beach Juicers. So take time to find the model that you will believe and understand most effectively provide you with a reliable source of nutrient-rich juice, day in and day out.

I am a chef. I am enthusiastic about fitness and follow a daily diet routine, and always drink fruit juices after morning and evening workout.

– Arthur T. Newsom

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