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Here we discuss a US-based brand and a popular brand juice which name is Biochef atlas whole slow juicer. This is a good juicer for the best cold press juicer category that is a slow juicer.

You are looking for the best masticating juicer under 250 which is a name coming out of Biochef. This is a US-based brand and good for daily life uses. I am talking about all prospective of this juicer then I give you a review of this juicer.

Biochef Atlas Pro Whole Slow Juicer Review

Biochef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro

biochef atlas whole slow juicer


  • It has an XXL filter neck.
  • It has 3 different settings.
  • It has dishwasher safe parts.
  • It made BPA free materials.
  • The power of the motor is 400 Watts.
  • The rotation of the auger is 40 RPM.
  • It has ETP technology for juicing.
  • Its warranty valid only in the US.

This is an upgraded and next-generation juicer that looks newly arrived juicer. Everyone likes its looks. It is easy to fit any small kitchen cabinets. It has a weight 7Kg.

The Biochef has one slow juicer that is not worked in celery and hard vegetables. You like greens juice that you see the best juicer for celery. This makes juice with pulpy that is very difficult for drinking baby and old age people. You want to make beet or carrot juice not making it. The best juicer for carrots. It is working with a stop up to 60 minutes that is making huge juice at a time.

It has a high power of the motor 400 Watts that is good for the making juice easily. Its rotations auger is 40 RPM. This is enough for the slow juicer, which contains a large amount of nutrition.

Biochef whole slow juicer is a moderated to clean. It has different strainers that difficult to cleans. It has cleaned kit brash but cleaning is moderate. You look the best easy clean juicer.


  • It has a brand new design.
  • It has 400 watts power of the motor.
  • It continues running up to 60 Mins.
  • It has a dual, wide feed chute for whole fruits and vegetables.
  • It has a US base warranty for 1 year.


  • It does not makes well celery juice.
  • It produce juices are slightly pulpy and wet pulp.
  • All parts are not dishwasher safe.
  • It does not makes properly juices of hard vegetables and fruits.

Design:– It is a next-generation juicer.

Features:- It has all features.

Performance:- It performs moderately.

Usability:- It is moderate to use.

In from centrifugal juicer that is a traditional juicing way, biochef atlas whole slow juicer is added  Enzyme Protection Technology that auger will slowly crush, squeeze and strain to produce maximum juice.

biochef atlas whole slow juicer
biochef atlas whole slow juicer

This is a full focus on the lock of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals of foods. This is a slow juicer.

The upgrade auger effortlessly pulls produce from the feeding chute and start from begins the process. The larger auger size is to produce large amount juice.

It has 3 different Tritan, BPA free juicing strainers to choose from. The fine coarse strainers make the consistency of with a pulp level.

This sorbet strainer is a great way for making a fruit sorbet. It’s also made creamy nut butter, such a variety of milk.

It’s all parts are not dishwasher safe, some of the attachments are only dishwasher safe.


We have discussed all the topics of the review of this juicer. These user experiences are good and you can buy them if you are looking for a budget juicer likes, the best masticating juicer under 200. These prices have many International brands that give many benefits.