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Best Juicer For Beginners

easiest to clean juicers

You are a beginner to buy a juicer. You are now in a right place for the best choice of a juicer. When I am first to buy a juicer, this day I feel many problems in my mind to decide a juicer. I share with my problem with you, that sort all the problems and easily you understand the needs of you from a juicer.

Since,2014 August, I purchase a juicer. I love fruit juice for healthy diets, have followed a diet plan, and extra weight in the body, from that day and now, daily work out, and a healthy diet plan follows for healthy life lead.

You are a fitness enthusiast, want daily use of a juicer for fresh juice, and use daily more than two times after work-outs.

You purchase a juicer from the best-rated juice extractor list. But juicer is not long-lasting, it is very disappointing for you. You need to understand all the things before buying a juicer.

There have two types of juicer 1) Cold Press Juicer/ Slow Juicer 2) Centrifugal Juicer/ Fast juicer.

1) Cold Press Juicer/ Slow Juicer

This type of juicer has a low power motor and the speed of the blade is very low, this is called Slow juicers. The speed of the blade is low, which generated low heat, called Cold press juicers.

You are looking for cold press juicers. You find the best juicer on market for cold press.


  • Do not destroy any enzymes, vitamins, and minerals contained in the juice.
  • It is very good for fitness, sportspeople.
  • Its power is low, produces low heat.


  • It takes time to produce juice.
  • Its price is higher.

Best Juicer for beginners of Cold Press Juicer

3. Omega NC900HDC ( Top Rated Cold Press Juicer)

2.SKG A10 Slow Masticating Juicer

1.Tribest GSE-5050

2) Centrifugal Juicer/ Fast juicer

This type of juicer has a high power motor, and the speed of the blade is more than 5500 RPM, which is called Fast, and Centrifugal juicers.

You are looking for a budget juicer in the markets. The best low budget juicer with a top-rated and branded for the beginners.


  • It is coming budget juicers.
  • It produces a large number of glass juice in a few minutes.
  • It has a high power motor.
  • It has a high-speed blade.


  • It does not produce healthy juice.
  • It produces extra heat.

Best Juicer for beginners of Centrifugal Juicer

3. Mueller Austria Juicer ( Best rated juice extractor) ( Best cheap juicers to buy)

2. Breville BJE200XL

1. Breville JE98XL

Above the list given the best juicer for the price, you are a beginner to purchase good juicers. I recommendable some juicers’ names for you.

You like to drink fresh juice from hard vegetables (e.g, carrots, beets). You want hard vegetable juice and purchase the best extractor for juice.

Buying Guides for Beginners

Best Juicer For Beginners
Dishwasher safe juicer

Eeasiest To Clean Juicers

All parts are easy to di-touchable and easy clean juicer with hand. You clean with soap after daily use.

Secondly, focus on parts that are dishwasher safe, are clean effortlessly. You feel better with this juicer.

Motor Power and speeds

This one of the main features, when you purchase a good juicer. The power of the motor and speeds depend on your juice quality and time.

The power of the motor depends on how much juice produces very fast. You want a juice of full family members in a few minutes.

Chute Size

The chute size is big or small, which affects your time consuming on juicing. You have not much more time when a glass of juice produces. You need a big size chute at least 3-inches.

You do not purchase a juicer at least 3-inches, have cut and slice all vegetables and fruits. That is so boring for you.

Dimensions and weight

The dimensions and weight of other big factors, when you purchase a juicer for daily life use and need the dimensions of the juicer, fitted kitchen at the electric plug.

You are travel monthly one or two times, want a portable juicer for your healthy diet plan.

Extra Accessories and Attachments

The additional attachment coming with the juicer, which may include a juicer that is efficient and multipurpose in addition to being able to produce or extract the highest number of nutrients.

The other factors are big pulp container, cord storage, control switch, cleaning brushes, and a reverse feature.

Noise level

The noise level depends on the power of the motor. You purchase a high power motor, bring extra noise. You make large scale juice, the juicer has loud noise.

You make juice at late night, or early morning, you should purchase a low-powered motor juicer.


The warranty is another factor, that full details before purchasing understand by you. This protection of consumers from any problem arises the juicer, fully responsible for the company.

Before a buy, any juicers you need to understand all T&C of the company. And ask them any change in T&C.

Best Juicer For Beginners FAQS

  1. Which juicer is best?

    Ans:- The best home juicer on the market is Omega NC900HDC, Mueller Austria Juicer. These are the best juicers for beginners.

  2. What is the best type of juicer?

    Ans:- The best extractor for juice for your good health, to purchase a cold press juicer.
    The cold press juicers are producing low heat, does not destroy any nutrients in the juice of fruits, and vegetables.
    It is a healthy juicer. This juicer is priceless because these run very long times, and the warranty for 12 to 14 years.

  3. What is the best juicer for the money?

    Ans:- The best juicer for money is Mueller Austria Juicer. You look at the best juicer to buy, the best choice for beginners. It is only an entry-level juicer, but It produces good juice for daily uses.

Conclusion: Best Juicer For Beginners

I give an opinion for a beginner, they easily to choose a good juicer. These juicers produce the best quality and very good juice. And also a buying guide for all as well as beginners. When you decide to buy a juicer, the above buying guides help all of them.

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