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Best Juicer For Apples

best juicer for apples

You like apple juice for daily life. You want homemade apple juice and looking for a best juicer for apples. These apples contain rich minerals and vitamins. It is essential for daily life.

Type of Juicers

The best juicers in the market available in two types. We discuss it in detail the best apple for juicing.

Centrifugal Juicer

The centrifugal juicers have a high power motor and the speed of the blade rotates with High RPM, which makes fruits juice in a few seconds. This is time-saving and produces a large amount of juice.

The disadvantage is the speed of the blade produces heat that destroys enzymes, vitamins, and minerals by oxidation.

Masticating juicers

The masticating juicers are slow juicer because this blade speed is less than 200 RPM, the power of the motor is less than 500 Watts. They produce low heats. when the blade rotates. The oxidation of the fruits and vegetable juice is low, which contains a high amount of enzymes and vitamins.

These are disadvantages that These are made one glass of juice much more time, you have the patience for making juice.

Top 3 Best Juicer For Apples Listed

There we discuss all the best quality and budget juicer reviews for apple juice. All juicers are not good for the apples because they have not a large chute, that is put in apple piece, they are stuck in the chute.

1. Omega J8006HDS (Premium Juicer)

best juicer for kale
Omega J8006HDS

You are making apple juice with juicer Omega J8006HDS, which is the most usable for the best fruit and vegetable juicer. This is made with hard plastic that does not react with green juice. This is a popular juicer with the latest model.

This model has 5 different speeds and power of motor up to 200 watts, which is the best juicer for apples. This juicer works with the masticating principle.

It has got eye-catching features inbuild cooling technology and juice preservation tools that a good for best apples for juicing. You will always be in the pick for having the fresh liquidity from the apples. 


  • It has got a drum to preserve the juice.
  • It does not produce heat, and juice remains fresh with full of vitamins with minimum noise.
  • It uses for multipurpose like juicing, food processing, and reserving.
  • It is so easy to clean.
  • It is durable and gets a long time warranty.


  • It is a costly juicer.
  • It has a small cascade with slows down bringing the fresh juice.
  • It is heavier than other juicers in the same.

The list of best juicers for kale is a mid-range with a high-performance juicer for nutrient-rich juice. This model made with plastic, which is painful otherwise, is good. You have a lot of time to prepare a greens juice that is perfect for juice.

2. Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Large 3″ Feed Chute, Centrifugal, Powerful 1.1 HP Motor

hamilton beach juice extractor reviews
Hamilton Beach 67650A

Hamilton beach big mouth 67650 is product is top-quality. At a taste test, not a single bit of pulp or other relics can be detected even seconds after this model outputs its juicy product. This model can output 20-oz of juice into their specialized serving pitcher.

Hamilton beach big mouth 67650 can take on carrots and apples without taking the time. But due to its unique optimizations features, it can also extract a full volume of juice from hard vegetables likes broccoli, beets, and carrots effortlessly.

The power of the motor is 1.1 HP. You need to grind through some mainly produce with easily, the power of the motor is most impressive. After some time Hamilton Beach juicer consumers are agreed that this model is substantially quieter than previous iterations.

Cleaning after a juicing time takes only minutes with it. Pop, all of the food area components apart and place into the dishwasher. This model has a commercial-grade ON/OFF toggle switch that deserves mention. It is easy to manipulate, and it is featured making it a real standout.


  • The power of the motor is 1.1 HP.
  • Its safety in operation due to metal locking clips on a cap.
  • It can fit whole vegetables and fruits easily at time juice.
  • It is efficient for hard vegetables.


  • Not for the leafy greens juice.
  • It is challenging for the clean.
  • It is not easy to operate for soft fruits and vegetables.

Hamilton Beach juice extractor reviews listed name is Hamilton beach big mouth 67650. This model best for the daily use of makes juice. The power of the motor is quite high and noisy. This is an apple juice press machine.

3. Breville BJE200XL Juicer ( Pocket Friendly)

Best Juicer for carrots
Breville BJE200XL Juicer

Breville BJE200XL is a centrifugal juicer, which juices maker best buy. The power of the motor is 700 watts, which is the most attractive feature of this machine.

This build with a froth separator which is easily separate pulp and celery. The Breville BJE200XL has a unique extraction system.

The Italian mesh makes filter is 40% keeps vitamins and 30% more juice makes. The safety arm is very good. If you do not put the juicer cover, you can not operate the juicer.

The speed blades under 14000 RPM. It is below the high power juicer. This the best advantages of this juicer machine. The blade makes stainless steel.


  • Its motor power is 700 watts.
  • Its blade speed 14000 RPM.
  • The body is made of polymer.
  • The pulp container is a large capacity.
  • It comes with a safety locking arm.


  • The brand warranty 1-year.
  • The issue of the side leakage.

Breville BJE200XL is an apple juice press machine. You can healthy juice from this centrifugal juicer. It is 700 watts motor power and the speed of the blade under 14000 RPM. I recommend purchasing this product. If you are health-conscious people, you are making apple juice with juicer.

You look for buying guides that have perfect choose a juicer for you, who are coming to right a place. The best buying guide for all consumers, and choose a juicer for their home.

FAQ’S Of The Best Juicer For Apples

  1. Is it worth buying a juicer?

    Ans:- You are drinking juice for the daily routine, I suggest you buy a juicer, that saves your money and you make many of nutrients juice. The other fruits like banana, apples, etc. Juice any time makes for the need juice. The juicer buys a priceless buy. It is not a price compare to health. The juicers make nutrients rich juice that builds immunity in the body. This work is priceless.
    You want to look for a budgeted juicer, The best-budgeted juicers list for you.

  2. Is 100% apple juice healthy?

    Ans:- Apple juice contains malic acid, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that are essential for our body, and you are health-conscious people like me, you love apple juice.

  3. Can you put whole apple in juicer?

    Ans:- You won’t put the whole apple in the juicer without cut the apple before juicing I suggest to buy Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth with a large chute that helps you put whole the apples and other fruits without the cut. This easiest to the juice of apples without any piece of the apples makes juice. Only Hamilton Beach juicer has a big mouth. You want to know more juicers models of Hamilton beach.

  4. What apples are best for juicing?

    Ans:- You want the best apple for juicing, this is a most asking question, so I post the best apples for juicing. This post gives a better idea about apples and goods for health.


We are discussing all the features with full details of the juicers, and the final decision of the purchase a juicer for the home, it depends only on your hand. The price factor which is invested, the size of the juices which are placed or not placed in the kitchen but you want a healthy life, juice maker best buy.

The best juicer for apples given above all juicers listed makes easily juice for the family.

I am a chef. I am enthusiastic about fitness and follow a daily diet routine, and always drink fruit juices after morning and evening workout.

– Arthur T. Newsom

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